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Introducing our extraordinary Mitochondria Collection of Workout Clothes and Activewear! Each item features mesmerizing photographs of mitochondria, the cell's powerhouses, taken through a microscope. Embrace the fascinating world of cellular biology while fueling your fitness routine. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our workout clothes blend comfort, functionality, and style, providing unrestricted mobility and breathability. Reach new heights in your fitness journey with our empowering collection. Express your love for science, spark curiosity, and inspire conversations. For inquiries, contact Dylan at Embrace the merging of science and style with our Mitochondria Collection. Channel the energy of the mighty mitochondria and elevate your fitness game. Shop now and become a living testament to cellular biology.

Cheers to scientific discovery and unparalleled style!

Dylan and Gillian

Mitochondria are the powerhouses of your cells!

When someone asks about your clothes....

Wearing clothing adorned with mitochondria is sure to spark intriguing conversations with others. So, what should you tell them? It's simple—share the fascinating story of mitochondria! Mitochondria are the powerhouses of the cell, responsible for producing the chemical energy needed for cellular function. These incredible organelles play a vital role in various processes, including metabolism and generating ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Known as the "energy currency" of the cell, ATP provides the fuel necessary for all cellular activities, from muscle contractions to nerve impulses. Without mitochondria, our cells would struggle to meet the energy demands required for daily life.

But that's not all! Mitochondria have a fascinating origin. They are believed to have descended from ancient bacteria that entered into a symbiotic relationship with early eukaryotic cells. This unique evolutionary event eventually led to the complex organisms we see today. Beyond their energy-producing capabilities, mitochondria have also been linked to various diseases and aging processes. Understanding these organelles is not only captivating but also crucial for advancing our knowledge of human health and well-being.

So, when someone asks you about the mitochondria on your clothing, seize the opportunity to share their remarkable story. Educate and inspire others about the role these tiny powerhouses play in our cells and the broader understanding of life itself. Let mitochondria ignite conversations that delve into the intricacies of cellular biology and the wonders of scientific discovery.

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About Mag2Art

Meet Dylan T. Burnette, PhD, an academic scientist with a passion for merging science and art. By day, he runs a cell biology lab focused on studying the growth and death of the heart. For over two decades, Dylan has utilized his own microscope photographs of cells to bridge the gap between science and creativity.

Dylan's exceptional talent behind the lens has earned him numerous accolades from prestigious international microscopy competitions, including the renowned Nikon Small World competition ( His captivating photographs have captivated audiences and showcased the beauty hidden within the microscopic world.

Together with his wife, Gillian Hooker, PhD, ScM, GCG, Dylan established Mag2Art—an endeavor that explores the intriguing connections between fashion and cell biology. Dylan takes on the role of designing and manufacturing each clothing piece, utilizing on-demand printing services from various reputable companies. Their meticulous approach ensures that every item meets their stringent standards of quality, both in terms of aesthetics and comfort.

Testing plays a crucial role in Mag2Art's process, with Dylan and Gillian personally evaluating each product. Their dedication ensures that only a select number of items that meet their highest standards make it to the market. They take immense pride in offering a carefully curated collection that represents their vision and values.

At Mag2Art, you can expect a range of products that harmoniously blend fashion and scientific inspiration. Each item is a testament to the creative fusion of Dylan's artistic eye and his profound scientific knowledge. Discover the remarkable connection between fashion and cell biology, as envisioned by Dylan and Gillian.

Please note that the limited availability of their offerings further emphasizes their commitment to delivering exceptional products. Explore Mag2Art's collection and embrace the unique beauty that lies at the intersection of fashion and cellular exploration.

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